Charity Events

We were also there for the 13 hour benefit concert put on by 100 Wheels  - a charity organization whose mission is to provide wheelchairs to disabled veterans.  The concert in 2012 raised enough money to purchase 25 wheelchairs for the Paralyzed Veterans of America.   We shot the event and provided videos to all the bands that gave their time and talent to this great cause.  All our services were provided as a gift to the organization and to the disabled veterans.  Please visit for more information.


And to see a video taken the day the chairs were delivered to the Paralyzed Veterans of America in Augusta, Georgia, click this button.

Scouting is very important to Impromptu Productions.   We have provided video services to Cub Scout Packs as "documentarian" - providing a DVD to summarize the scouting year in video.

Scouting Events

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