About Us

I am a baby boomer living in the greater Atlanta area that believes we should preserve our family history by 'documenting' our photographs, home movies, and family documents with our own stories, in our own words. It has only been in the last century that we have been able to capture so much personal history in the form of pictures and movies.  So much is collected in photo albums with no notation as to who are in the pictures, or where they are.  Silent home movies are just that - silent.


You may have parents or aunts or uncles that talk of the 'old times' and tell stories of their past.  I can marry their stories with the your family archives and give you a personal family documentary that preserves a personal history for you today and generations to come.


Imagine your children or grandchildren playing a movie and hearing their ancestor's voice telling how and where they grew up - all while seeing their old family photographs.


Contact us at (678) 468-2980 or write to us at the email address on the bottom of the page.

Contact Email:  ImpromptuProductionsLLC@gmail.com

Impromptu Productions