Impromptu Productions provides video production expertise - from shooting to post, editing and DVD authoring - specializing in capturing family events and chronicling family history.  We do not simply put pictures to DVD or convert home movies and VHS, we record your stories, your memories in your voice and marry that narration with your pictures and movies.  We preserve your family memories for generations to come.

Location Search

I am looking for a house to be used as a location for a short film.  If interested:

Chronicle Your Family History

If you have your grandparent's photo albums you may know that some, if not most, have inscriptions on the back that note the date and names the person on the front.  Scanning the photos is great, but unless you scan the back too (and somehow link it to the proper front), you've lost vital information.

Special Events & Performances

I have sat in the audience and watched my daughter perform on stage.  It is a special moment to be sure, but think about years from now, when she has a little one on stage and she sits, proudly watching her son or daughter.  Wouldn't it be nice if she could pull our the DVD of her performance from years past and share it with her child?

Wedding & Music Videos

For four years running, our music videos have won the Georgia Country/Gospel Music Association's Video Of The Year award.

And if you are an amateur filmmaker, check out our camera and video accessory rentals

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